PhD Thesis

In my PhD thesis I applied algebraic topology to problems that arise in geometry, in particular problems involving closed geodesics. The topic of closed geodesics on manifolds is a classical one, initiated by the likes of Morse and Lusternik and Schnirelman who were interested in proving the existence of closed geodesics. Another interesting problem is to study the geometry of manifolds all of whose geodesics are closed. I worked on a conjecture by Marcel Berger, which states that on a simply connected manifold all of whose geodesics are closed, the geodesics all have the same least period. The assumption that the manifold is simply connected is necessary, since for lens spaces with the standard metric, all geodesics are closed, but not of the same least period.

Bott and Samelson showed that a simply connected Riemannian manifold with this property has integral cohomology ring generated by one element. The spheres and projective spaces with the standard metric together with the so-called Zoll metrics on the spheres are examples of manifolds all of whose geodesics are closed with the same least period. The weaker statement that there exists a common period is a special case of a theorem about periodic orbits of a Hamiltonian flow, and is due to Wadsley. Gromoll and Grove proved the conjecture for metrics on the two-sphere.

One way to approach the Berger Conjecture is to use Morse Theory on the free loop space. I my thesis I investigated the Morse Theory for metrics on the three-sphere all of whose geodesics are closed. I proved that the energy function is perfect for S^1 equivariant cohomology and that the energy function is perfect for ordinary cohomology if and ony if the Berger Conjecture is true.

You will find my thesis here: pdf.

The results of my thesis have been published by the Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry. Here is the link to the article: SpringerLink.

Masters Thesis and Bachelor Project

You can download my Master of Science thesis about topologigal properties of positively curved manifolds here: ps, pdf.

You can also download my bachelor project about the General Theory of Relativity and the the Schwarzschild metric (in Danish) here: ps, pdf.


During the Spring 2010 I taught the course Introduction to Geometry. I wrote lecture notes for the course. In the notes, I develop the theory of conformal maps of the Riemann sphere. You can download the notes here.

From September 2002 to June 2004 I was responsible for organizing IMF's high school visiting programme. We gave lectures and organized problem sessions for high school students. Our main aim was to get gifted students interested in mathematics by giving talks about advanced mathematical topics. You can see the webpage (in Danish) "Besøgsservice".
Below you can download the notes I have written.

Kurver i planen og rummet, ps, pdf.
Komplekse tal og rækker, ps, pdf.
Komplekse tal og polynomier, ps, pdf.

Emil Hedevang Lohse, Erik Olsen and I have typed some lecture notes by Johan Dupont on curvature and characteristic classes in LaTeX. You can download the notes here:
"Fibrebundles and Chern-Weil Theory": report format, A4: ps, pdf.
"Fibrebundles and Chern-Weil Theory": scrbook, A5: ps, pdf.

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